We have a very well resourced library which we encourage the children to use. In order to do this we ask parents to assist us in seeing that children have a LIBRARY BAG. Teachers inform parents which day is their child’s library day so that they can ensure the child returns books in the library bag. 

There is a parent resource section of the library. Parents are welcome to browse and borrow. The Parent Assembly welcomes requests for titles to be purchased. 

Early Bird Reading

Early Bird Reading is available to all students from 8:30am to the first bell each morning. Students are encouraged to read for fun and accrue stickers towards great prizes, including books! Booklets are kept in the Library to help track students' progress. It's also a great opportunity to catch up on home reading and get home reading diary's signed by Early Bird Staff.

Book Club 

Order forms are issued by the class teacher. Children may buy books applicable to their reading ages at a reasonable price. Order forms, together with the correct money, are to be placed in an envelope, sealed and taken to the front office on any day up until the closing date which is the TUESDAY after the day that the forms are issued. We regret that it is impossible to accept orders after the closing date.