Pastoral Care and Student Wellbeing

The wellbeing of students is paramount at St Joseph's. The following resources support our pastoral care and student wellbeing initiatives and programs.


School Counselling Service

A School Counsellor is employed at St Joseph's as part of our pastoral care and student wellbeing initiatives.

The School Counsellor collaborates with the Wellbeing Team and school Leadership to identify the needs of students and respond to concerns from parents and staff around the wellbeing of students. The School Counsellor initially provides short term support for individual students and offers programs for groups of students. For long term ongoing support, the School Counsellor supports parents and carers to be referred on to Allied Health professionals. If you would like your child to see the School Counsellor, there is a referral form that can be provided by getting in touch with the school office.

National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP)

As part of our involvement with the NSCP, we are able to provide some additional support through our Student Support Worker.

The Student Support Worker’s role at St Joseph’s is a part of the Wellbeing Team, working in collaboration with the School Counsellor, Leader of Inclusion and Leader of Pastoral Care to identify the support that can be given to students.