Sport plays a significant part in both the physical and social development of all students. At St Joseph’s, there are many opportunities for the students to develop the Fundamental Skills that help with a wide variety of sports and games. At St Joseph’s, students through years K-6 have the opportunity to be involved in weekly Physical Education Lessons. These lessons usually focus on Fundamental Movement Skills as listed by the NSW Board of Studies.


Years K-2 take part in sports lessons throughout the week. These lessons focus on teamwork and cooperation as well as draw on skills learnt in PE Lessons. K-2 participate in an Athletics Carnival, Cross Country and Swimming Carnival. Talented students who are eight years of age have the opportunity for selection in Hastings and Diocesan Representative Teams for Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. Students also participate in gross motor skills and development through our Bounce House. Students participate in specialist Gymnastics lessons and complete a two-week Intensive Swimming program in Term 4.



Years 3-6 participate in a range of different sports throughout the year. These lessons focus on building teamwork and cooperation skills as well as playing games involving strategies and other specific skills. During Term 4, students choose their own elective sport, including tennis and ball games. These sports take place at school. Students aged 8-13 years participate in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals throughout the year.


Further opportunities are available to students for selection in representative teams within the Hastings Zone and Lismore Diocesan levels before proceeding to Polding. The selection here results in representation at the Primary School Sports Association (PSSA) State level. Representation opportunities available for students attending St. Joseph’s Primary are Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Summer Sports and Winter Sports.

The Diocese of Lismore Sport online site provides valuable information for students representing Zone, Diocesan, Polding or NSW. Information includes a calendar, updated weather or venue changes and results.