Learning Enrichment


Extension and Support

At St Joseph's we are committed to meeting the needs of all students.  We plan for excellent quality differentiated teaching. Learning and teaching programs include strategies and ways of differentiating the curriculum to meet the needs of all children within the class. Teachers strive to adjust the curriculum to teach each child at their point of need.

Student Enrichment Program

In addition to quality differentiated class programs, we offer further opportunities for students to participate in programs that foster interests, and further develop talents.

These opportunities include:

  • Faith Choir - the students regularly support at our liturgical celebrations and Masses.
  • Participation in Dance Eisteddfod Groups - both boys and girls dance groups are prepared for the Port Macquarie Dance Eisteddfod and our whole school concerts.
  • Band - the students have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of instruments and perform at school events.

Additional extra curricular - Students are also encouraged to participate in various enrichment opportunities that include academic, sporting and creative arts activities. These include the Premiers' Reading Challenge,  International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) academic competitions,  Tournament of Minds,  Creative Arts Eisteddfods, Bebras Challenge, Da Vinci Decathlon and the Maths Olympiad.

Additional Needs - Learning and Wellbeing Support

St Joseph’s Primary has an inclusive approach to all aspects of school life. We believe that all children are made in the image of God, are unique and individual. Adjustments are made to provide the necessary support for all students to ensure they are able to access the curriculum, and individual plans are created where necessary. We work closely with parents and carers, the Catholic Schools Office Inclusion Officer and Allied Health Professionals to develop effective plans and provide appropriate intervention.

We also work closely with the local pre-schools and secondary schools to successfully transition the students into Kindergarten and on to Year 7.

Our Leader of Inclusion supports students and families and collaborates with the teachers and all necessary entities to coordinate the creation, implementation and monitoring of personal plans.

Identified students are given assistance on an individual and/or small group basis within their cohort. Learning support is provided in each grade and additional staff are allocated to facilitate this. We provide a range of intervention programs, including STAR, MiniLit, MacLit and Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU). All staff are also trained in using the Zones of Regulation to support emotional wellbeing.

A School Counsellor and School Chaplain are also employed to support the children in our care.