Learning Enrichment


Extension and Support

Regular classes are supported with learning support and enrichment teachers and paraprofessionals. These programs assist us in catering to individual student needs. These programs are supported by assessments completed by teachers or by professionals in related areas, for example speech pathologists and occupational therapists, so that students’ needs can be more carefully met.


The Enrichment Program seeks to identify and support potential in students who require a particular extension in various academic disciplines. The Enrichment Program provides a variety of challenging learning opportunities that seek to cater for the different types of intelligence of children. Consequently, the groups' composition is flexible and dependent upon the focus of the Enrichment Program offered. Students are encouraged to participate in various enrichment activities, including the Premiers' Reading Challenge, NSW Academic Competitions, Creative Minds, Tournament of Minds, Public Speaking competitions, Eisteddfods, as well as many in-class activities.


Children who need assistance in a particular area of learning are identified by both norm-referenced tests and teacher-made assessments. Selected students are given assistance on an individual and/or small group basis within the cohort. This Learning Support Program is provided in each grade. Students with significant additional needs are supported through the implementation of their Personalised Plan (PP), in consultation with parents and other professionals.


St Joseph's Primary has a proud Indigenous Education program that includes:

  • Personalised Learning Plans for each of our Indigenous children.
  • An Indigenous Education Teacher Assistant, who assists children in learning more about their history and culture as well as supporting parents and the wider community in Indigenous Education.
  • Organised guest presenters, who assist our community in appreciating the rich and diverse culture of our Indigenous community.
  • The celebration of NAIDOC Week highlights critical aspects of our Indigenous people.
  • Indigenous perspectives embedded in the National Curriculum through the NSW syllabus.